Drugs and Alcohol at Smith-Cotton Schools

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Most children grow up learning right from wrong. Parents try their hardest to get all the “PG” knowledge into their head before heading into middle school, junior high, and high school. Of course they know that along the way, their kids are going to be told false statements, offered bad things, and experience different events. In Sedalia, MO most children were born and raised. From pre-school to eighth grade, those kids have gone to school together, played sports, and grown up. Freshman year is the year most kids look forward to. Making new friends or maybe keeping the same ones, being invited to your first party, playing high school sports, getting the boy or girl you have always dreamed of, and getting closer to that driving age. Then there are the kids that try their first sip of alcohol or their first “hit,” off of weed. It is cool though, it is the high school thing, so it is ok; until that hit or sip becomes an every weekend thing—or even worse, an everyday thing. You start to lack in school, lose motivation, and disconnect from who you were. It is highly common around the world, but I have gotten a close look and started to realize how bad the problem is in Smith-Cotton schools. The problem is not so much the drinking and smoking, it is the affects: lack of motivation, school work and attendance rate that is dropping. Statistics and certain information regarding Smith Cotton were not in my best interest to give out. Therefore, according to Monitoring the Future, and updated every year in January, statistics show that seven percent of eighth graders, eighteen percent of tenth graders, and twenty-two point seven percent of twelfth graders used marijuana in the past month. In contrast to statistics of high school students smo... ... middle of paper ... ...mpus or student emails to apply the solution for the stop of drugs and alcohol in the school. I believe the best solution is to involve more kids in activities and events. It could change the way that they think and what they want to involve themselves in. Drug testing students and athletes is more of a risk than involving more students in activities because it could simply kick a lot of the athletes out and lower the attendance there. It is also only improving the drug problem rather than both. Drugs and alcohol are a very large controversial deal in America. Using drugs in middle school, junior high, and high school can make or break your future. Students are losing motivation, lacking in school and sports, and disconnecting from themselves. It is a problem that we as a society can fix. Works Cited National Institute on Drug Abuse. Web. Jan. 2014. 6 March 2014.

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