Drugs In The 21st Century

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Drugs have proven to be an issue in the 21st century. Not everyone is capable of controlling addictions. It is very common to see celebrities abusing drugs under pressure or just for the pleasure of it. There is always someone going to rehab, or someone’s career falling apart due to their bad habits. The Weeknd song “I Can’t Feel My Face” and Ed Sheeran’s song “Bloodstream”, are both songs about addictions, and how they do not want to be left alone; while Tesfaye depicts his addiction as life taking, Ed Sheeran portrays his addiction as regretful. Both of the singers are addicts, but one chooses to repent and get out of the hole, while the other chooses to sit in the hole. History has proven to show us that we can overcome anything. Nothing…show more content…
Although, the narrator in the song knows that the “girl” is poisonous, he prefers to die with her than to leave. The singer sets an impression that the girl he loves is damaging. However, when we get to the chorus we realize that the “girl” is actually drugs that he is addicted to. He tries convincing the reader, that regardless of the drugs being harmful, he still finds gratification in it. Although, the drugs make him “numb”, “the worst is yet to come”, he knows he won’t be able to live without it. It makes him feel “beautiful” and “forever young”. He acknowledges the fact that drugs are not good, but counter plays it. His addiction is so strong with drugs, that he is incapable of leaving it. Abel Tesfaye, constantly refers to drugs as a girl, “And I know she’ll be the death of me, at least we’ll both be numb…”. He tries to compare a girl to drugs, or vice versa. They both are destructive, if taken too much. After, taking the drugs he feels young and beautiful. The “girl” tells him not to worry about anything anymore, “She told me, “Don’t worry about it” She told me, “Don’t worry no more”. His audience are those people that are addicts to drugs or in another argument it would be those men’s who are vulnerable to women. He is vulnerable beyond understanding, because he is madly in love with a girl, knowing she is going to bring the worst of him. He tries to appeal to everyone by saying…show more content…
The alcohol makes him “forget” all the miserable things he has done. He is drowning in his sorrow, and refuses to drench alone. He finds comfort in alcohol. The lyrics makes it clear that he has done some unforgivable things in his past, and in order to get out of that misery, he drinks. He says, “One or two could free my mind, this is how it ends, I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream”, which makes it clear that he wants to live without knowing what he did. His past is killing him, and this new addiction is the only way to forget it. His audiences are those people that have done some regretful stuff, which is bringing them down. “Blood Stream” entered the UK single chart at number 81, and rose to number
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