Drugs And Drug Use

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Drugs are often sold illegally and under the radar. The people who use drugs can abuse them, but also use them for good. Drugs are part of America’s history, such as they were used for pain killers and for medicine. Not everybody does drugs, but once you use them once you can’t live without them. Drugs can be abused by teens and the people who buy them, but can also be used for medical use and for at home use. Drugs can be very addicting, especially for people who use them over and over again. They usually cannot get off of them because they are so addicting. The main people who use drugs are celebrities, teenagers, and drug dealers. Celebrities use drugs because they think that they make them even more popular. When they try the drug once, they cannot stop getting it and using it. Teenagers use drugs to fit in with their friends or to make themselves more popular. They end up just like celebrities by getting hooked on what they cannot get off. Drug dealers may use drugs, or they just sell them to celebrities or teenagers. (Colihan, Kelley) Teenagers have the sources to get drugs, but not all teens use drugs. The ones that do use drugs start around the age of twelve. The survey was given to about 67,500 people aged 12 and older. An estimated 8% of the people surveyed used an illicit drug in 2007, within the past month of when the survey was taken. An illicit drug is an illegal drug that is also sold illegally. Those who use drugs may have family issues and/or bullying problems, which bring us back to them trying to fit in with society. The drugs that people use have to come from somebody, but whom? The drugs usually come from a person selling them on the street. Those dealers get it from a higher source and that hig... ... middle of paper ... the brain. (Chakraburtty) All the drugs cost so much money, but they do not all cost the same amount. Most drugs are not only illegal but very hard to sell without being caught be the authorities. The reason they cost so much is because they cannot be produced on a high level of manufacturing. They also are not sold in small towns, but are sold in larger cities such as Detroit, Michigan, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Hollywood, California. (Wright, Bob) There are many different ways in which we can use drugs, such as for medical use and at home use. Those ways are not always the best ways because certain people may abuse that freedom and overdose, get addicted, or even sell them to their friends. We also use drugs in very terrible ways, which lead to death or eternally ill. In conclusion, Drugs are usually used for bad, but there are ways to use drugs for good.
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