Drugs And Drug Policy

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Illegal drugs are known to have bad effects on human body. The people taking drugs can get addicted to them. They cannot stop taking drugs, or some symptoms will happen and make them uncomfortable. If they continue taking drugs instead of giving up, their body immunities can be destroyed, and that makes people easier to get sick or even die. Not only the damage on health, drugs addiction can also lead to some crimes, which has terrible influence on the families, communities or countries. Every country has its own drug policy, and the differences between them can be defined as strict and liberal. Liberal policy can be defined as having fewer controls or light punishment to sales and use of illegal drugs, while strict policy can be defined as the opposite. I have chosen two typical countries-Mexico that has liberal policy with no death penalties, and Thailand that has stricter policy with death penalties and long-time jail. In this report, I focus on the effects of drug policies in these countries. Liberal policy cannot control the trades and uses of illegal drugs well because the punishments are too light, while strict policy cannot always have a good impact on illegal drugs because some internal reasons such as corruptions. That’s why Mexican and Thai governments have no effects on trades and uses of illicit drugs.

Mexican drug policy has a standard of the maximum amount for dealing each kind of illegal drug. You will receive penalty if you sell or buy illegal drugs more than the maximum amount. For example, the maximum amount of the heroin trading is 50 mg. If you break the law and dealing more than 50 mg heroin, the police will put you in jail. How long you stay in jail depends on how much you trade over the maximum number, and...

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... sell the illicit drugs. “The drug syndicates have an estimated $35 billion to $60 billion a year in income at their disposal. Such a vast sum gives them an enormous capability to corrupt those people who are assigned to oppose them” (Ted Galen Carpenter, 2012, Paragraph 12).

In conclusion, Thailand has much stricter drug policies than Mexico because of the long-time jail and the existence of death penalty. In these countries, because of light punishments or corruptions, the governments cannot control the illegal drugs well. For Mexico, strict laws with hard punishments for drugs and corruptions should be set up and put into practice in order to solve the mess situation. And also, striking drug trading organizations and solving corrupt problems are significant for Thai government. In a word, these governments have no effects on trades and uses of illicit drugs.

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