Drug Use And Prostitution

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This paper will attempt to examine and evaluate illegal drug use, illegal prostitution, and money laundering; primarily within the United States, with a brief look at how it differs from other countries with the same issues. Examined in depth are the effects, statistics, and some possible remedies to help eliminate these issues in the United States. Also researched is the impact of these crimes to the criminal justice system.
Illegal drug use and illegal prostitution sometimes appear to go hand in hand; where you have drug use, you will often time find prostitution as well. Many prostitutes will become drug addicts to better deal with the illegal sex acts they are performing, hoping that prostitution will only be temporary. Unfortunately when this situation occurs, prostitutes will quit selling their bodies but cannot kick the drug habit and in turn have to continue to solicit themselves in order to continue their addiction to illegal crimes; this is a depressingly vicious cycle.
Both illegal drug use and illegal prostitution are part of public order crimes. Public order crimes are thought out crimes that often make society an innocent victim. Rather than just affecting an individual, public order crimes happen to the society that you reside within. The most common types of public order crimes are: drug use and abuse, prostitution, pedophilia and pornography, and other lewd sexual acts (Adler, Mueller & Laufer, 2013). The criminal justice system sees these acts as breaking the laws; whether against an individual or society, in this case, it doesn’t matter.
Illegal drugs have become a grave threat to the United States. With the use of illegal drugs, comes the rash of criminal activity to fuel the criminals devastating dr...

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...sing gold, antiques, art, and anything of great value.
This information shows that the country needs to work together and try to solve the problems associated with these three evil types of crimes affecting society. There is great necessity to discover more effective methods to combat illegal drug use, illegal prostitution, and money laundering. All of these things correlate with each other and fuel the criminal activity in the United States. The need to continue research and commissions to study other countries for possible solutions is dire. Allowing these criminals to continue to get away with things that are unacceptable will only make America look week and invite more people to continue down the wrong path. When something isn’t working, the need to try, try, and try again must never stop or hinder the criminal justice system to the point of giving up.
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