Drug Testing Student Athletes - Influential or Useless?

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Drug Testing Student Athletes - Influential or Useless?

As spoken by the International Olympic Committee(IOC), “The administration of or use by a competing athlete of any foreign substance to body or injection of substance is unfair to the competing fields” (Yesalis 1). Basically any athlete who decides to use substances of any kind should be considered a lousy winner in the competition field and should be ashamed of their wrong-doing because many people choose to shortcut their way out of things instead of doing their best for higher achievement. Though many student athletes are considered elite and especially talented in the in the sporting field in which they are involved in, many audiences take observance of how the performing athlete appears which causes suspiciousness of the use of illegal substances or drugs; so when the suspicion of drugs are expressed through concern, that is where drug testing the elite performers comes into play.

Cheaters never prosper and cheaters never win because in the end, harm will be done. To ensure equality among athletes, drug testing should be presented. Why is this stated? Well, since becoming a major influence on many athlete’s lives, drug testing has been a process of developing results of illegal drug use. Dating back to the 1980’s, a standard practice of drug testing has been used by companies because of expression stated by the co-workers/teammates of the user. It has been stated by experts and is agreeable that illegal drug users will be unsuccessful in the career they choose to follow because they can endanger the lives of their surroundings and even though they were tested, concerns came about towards the accuracy of tests (Walsh 1). In exactly 1986, the United States government...

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...e right thing to do and will come to make a better solution. Once a certain argument has been won, multiple arguments can look to influence off the previous winner. When a solution is resolved by one, justice will have been served.

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