Drug Testing Student Athletes

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About 90 percent of NCAA colleges do random drug testing on their student-athletes. Through the years, more and more colleges are giving random drug tests to their student-athletes. The student-athletes are having very mixed feelings towards the random testing. I am in favor of the testing just because some of the athletes need to be showed playing sports in college is a privilege. I know that there are several student-athletes that do not act like it is a privilege and that bothers me with how many kids can not go play college sports that are very disserving of the opportunity. I do believe that student-athletes should be dug tested, because I know several student-athletes use drugs on a regular basis. To start my research paper, I went through the list of topics twice looking for the right topic to write about. I chose this topic because it really relates to me, since I am a student-athlete. I knew that writing this topic would be much easier than any other topics because I can talk about my opinion and I would know what the books, articles, journals, etc. are talking about. My first source is an Internet source and it is off of National Institute on Drug Abuse. I found this source on November 12 after spending some time on Google searching for sources I could use for this essay. This source gave me lots of information about what happens during drug tests, what schools are doing, what drugs can do to the student-athletes, etc. Schools all around hope that these random drug tests will decrease the drug abuse. With these tests, they hope that the testing would give the students a reason to resist the pressure and if a user gets caught they can get help overcome the addiction. Student-athletes experience all kinds o... ... middle of paper ... ...not be using illegal drugs while playing in sports or even at all, which is why they are illegal. Works Cited "Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Testing in Schools." National Institute on Drug Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1 Dec. 2012. Web. 14 Nov. 2013. "Drug Testing Program 2013-2014." National Collegiate Athletic Association. NCAA, 2013. Web. 19 Nov. 2013. Pilon, Mary. “Drug-Testing Company Tied to N.C.A.A. Stirs Criticism: [Sports Desk] “New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast). New York, N.Y. 6 Jan 2013: SP.1. Tricker, Ray, David L. Cook, and Rick McGuire. Issues Related to Drug Abuse in College Athletics: Athletes at Risk. 2nd ed. Vol. 3. N.p.: Sports Psychologist, 1989. Print. Young, Sara. "PIAC (Pee in a Cup)- The New Standardized Test For Student- Athletes." Brigham Young University Education & Law Journal (2010): 163+. Print.
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