Drug Problem In America

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Chris Mauti
SOC 341
Professor Norton-Hawk
11 December 2013

Final Paper

America’s drug problem has been a major issue of this country for many years. There are many different reasons that people will argue that America hasn’t been able to find a solution to this drug war that is eating away at America and the people both in its boarders and outside. Drugs haven been around forever, but as time goes on, we are starting to notice their negative effect more and more. The addiction, crime, money and corruption is taking its toll on everyone surrounded by drugs. When we rely on the supply and demand explanation for America’s drug problem, we can find ourselves with many questions. The supply theories are believed to think that America has a drug problem because we are surrounded by a number of poor countries that cultivate, process and traffic drugs as a source of income. These theorists believe that if we can cease these actions of the poor countries than America would have no drug problem because there would be no drugs to abuse. The second side of the believed problem is the demand. In America, we often portray ourselves as the victim when we think something negative happens. People in this country use drugs for everything from not having a job, homelessness, racism, family issues, recreation and to be bluntly honest, for anything. This supply a demand picture is a reasonable argument to why America has a drug problem, but I think that it is not the complete reason why.
First off, I generally agree with the supply theorists that there are numerous countries that benefit from filling the streets of America with drugs. The aspect that I do not agree with is that if you take these countries and cease their operations of cultivation,...

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... just a horrible excuse. We are going through regressive intervention because we are trying to achieve the goal of stopping the drug war with other countries by seizing more drugs but we are actually making it worse because we are making the cartels richer by allowing them to get more money for successfully smuggling them into America.
America is never not going to have a drug problem, but there is certain things that can be done to better the country off. We are the main reason for our drug problem because we are the ones consuming the drugs creating a demand for them. By sinking billions of dollars into other countries to stop the drugs is not going to help. American’s will find a way to get their drugs when they want them. Once we get our own country under control, than maybe we could start to focus on the negative consequences other countries are putting on us.
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