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Christopher Michael Benoit was a Canadian Professional Wrestler, who was known as one of the most successful, popular, and gifted wrestlers in history. He had won thirty two wrestling champions during his life including a 2004 Royal Rumble match. However, in 2007, Christopher Benoit had murdered his wife and child, due to many peculiar reasons one of which was the usage of drugs such as steroids during his adulthood life. According, to Dr. John Lombardo (who is the Medical Director of the Max Sports Medicine, Clinical Professor, and adviser on steroid issue to both NCAA and the Olympic Committee) steroid use has been linked to a number of physiological and psychological problems, especially, if one uses the drug over long period of time. The usage of Steroids might get athletes excited when they look at benefits that it brings into their body system; such as improving ones training capabilities, getting stronger and gaining weight over short period of time. Consequently, those athletes that overlook the harms that this drug brings in there body system, and how it changes the functionality of the brain gets results like Christopher Benoit did over the long run. Therefore, in my opinion steroids should always be outlawed and the law should enforce more control to prevent athletes from taking it illegally within the professional sports league.

NFL (National Football League) is one of the most entertaining sports league in the world, yet, I don’t agree with some of their policies based on steroids. Even though the 2010 NFL Steroid Policy is tougher than the 1987, but the change is only based on the frequency of times a player to be tested yearly. In order to make the league safer for the players off or on the field; a stronger ac...

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...ve those policies. In my understanding: there are more of the negative effects associated with steroids, that’s why steroids should always be outlawed and the law should enforce more control to prevent people from taking it illegally in the sports leagues. Now the drug is given to those animals that we eat of such as cow, chicken, and pig, additionally, it is used in the vegetables that we daily eat. Two years ago, there was an E. coli food poisoning in which over hundreds of people died, and according to the FOOD Inc. Movie (a documentary based on the food production system) the E. coli poisoning comes from the bacteria that are created by the drugs in which were given to the animals that does hundreds of people ate from and died. So, to prevent these kinds of situations in the society the government must take extreme actions to enforce better laws and policies.

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