Drug Legalization: A Winning Strategy?

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The strategy of legalizing drugs would decrease usage, make drugs more expensive due to taxes and take away the fascination behind illegal drugs. Hence, people would not be so fascinated by the allure that drugs produce; therefore, the youth would not see drugs as a way to become admired. Besides that, drugs would become more expensive due to taxes, taxes that every state could manage at their pleasure. At the same time the government would have more control over drug dealers and consumers, which could take us to a more organized way to control these substances. Obviously, people who oppose this feasible solution should be aware that prohibition has not worked to stop this dilemma. As a matter of fact; currently, tobacco and alcohol are products that cause several deaths and illness daily; however, they remain as legal drugs. Clearly, individuals need to make sure that adolescents are aware of the dangers that drugs convey.

To begin with “teenagers venture with drugs to experience a paranormal state, or to go versus the rules (Clare).” Often times this one-time try becomes a habit; however, this attempt seems obviously unnecessary “if the youth would not want to act as anarchists (Clare).” Consequently, legalizing drugs would provide the population with powerful weapons to spread educational projects, since drugs would not constitute a taboo in society. Then, the new goal would involve every soul to create updated programs, distribute information among children, and interact with them in a healthy way; so immature people do not even think about experimenting drugs. Eventually, they could realize exactly what these products might cause. At the end, the purpose is to make the youth understand that using drugs is not a “cool thing...

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