Drug Inspiration: A Success Story Of My Life

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Inspiration Growing up poor, surrounded by drug addicts, and gangs is not the most ideal childhood. The person that inspires me most was thrown into this world, and given no choice but to survive. Her therapists say she is a success story because she endured what life threw at her. My favorite part about her life is that through all the drama she continues to stay positive and happy. Some of the situations she goes through are so harsh I can’t say it yet she is an inspiration to me because she keeps on going. In Albuquerque, New Mexico she grew up forced to live in a house with two drug addicts. During this hard childhood she was put in difficult positons. She was smacked around more than usual by harsh grandparents because her own parents…show more content…
It was a consistent dilemma causing her and her sisters to hate their mother. A mother that let strange drug addicts in the house without regard for her kin. It was bound to happen eventually. A drug addict got out of control and put everyone in danger. He entered the house to get high and got angry with her mom. The addict proceeded to throw punches at her mom’s face drawing blood, and then kicked her down trying to break ribs. The daughter tried to intervene, and the consequence for stopping her mother from being beaten to death was a cold barrel put to her face. Looking her dead in the eye drugged out maniac used the words “do you want to die?” He left leaving behind one of many scarring memories in her…show more content…
When she had enough money to buy a car she spent it on a buggy; only to have it stolen a couple months later. There were people who vandalized, who beat on other people for no reason, and people who would do the most severe drugs for fun. All her friends were into hanging out with gangs or doing drugs. The thing to do was act hard like no one can mess with you and ride around to cause trouble. She went on living like that for a while until she got tired of it; tired of all the madness where she lived. She had no way to leave and so instead fought with her mom and drank a lot in the house to spite her. The situation got worse and worse until finally she
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