Drug Addiction Among African Americans

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Drug addiction among any race or ethnic group can stem from many factors, but the leading causes of addiction among people are their genetic makeup. For example, mental disorders, environments, and developments are some of the most leading factors to contribute to drug addiction. According to the National Institute on drug abuse (2016), addiction is a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences. Dating back decades ago, drug abuse in low income communities are still a prevalent factor. In addition, many generations are strike by drug abuse due to many stresses. In a current research that was conducted drug abuse issues are more prevalent among African Americans than any other ethnic group. Not only has drug abuse affected many African Americans decades ago, but is currently swarming neighborhoods till this day. Throughout this paper, articles that are examined prove that even though minorities have a high availability of drugs, they are mainly affected because of their urban lifestyle such as poverty, cultural patterns, and limited job opportunities. Poverty in African American communities is one of the leading causes of substance abuse amongst any ethnic group, however, African Americans are primarily affected. Poverty stricken neighborhoods have many drug users who tend to use drugs as a way to cope with his or her financial and economic stresses. Not only have these circumstances affected the drug users, but also affects the people in their community. Researchers have proven time and again how closely related drugs and poverty are. In a recent study, researchers have indicated that marijuana and cocaine use significantly increases the probabil... ... middle of paper ... ...or instance, many people tend to do drugs because it is one of the major things running through their community as well as their era. Dating back to the crack epidemic, the biggest surge in the use of drug occurred during the early 80’s affected many ethnic groups, but for sure succeeded in urban communities which caused thousands of Americans, especially minorities. Andrew Cohen (2015) believed that although the crack epidemic of the 1980’s devastated communities of color, but also was believed to be an inner-city drug which was distributed by street-corner gangs. However, researchers forget to mention how these drugs became prevalent figures throughout these neighborhoods. A former drug user once quoted that drugs take you to hell, disguised as Heaven, (Frost 2013) and that’s how many former drug addicts feel once they are no longer dependent of that depressant.
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