Drug Abuse: Pay Attention

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Drug use is a controversial issue where different people have different opinions. It varies from individual to individual, from society to a way of life, and from legal to illegal. Drugs become abused whether they are recreational, narcotics or alcohol. When we talk about the misuse of substances and how they are used for the wrong reason without regulations that put the person at risk without taking that into account. It is like gambling when an individual use recreational drugs or abuse narcotics. If these ventures were taken into account the amount of damage to themselves, I am sure they would put a limit to it.

It has been identified that there are some ethics for families, schools, and the community to use in establishing prevention programs. These programs are designed to enhance a protective risk factor and reduce some of the risks for abuse. These factors are associated to reduce the potential of drug use. There has been some research which show that many of these factors apply to behavior such as violence in youth, school dropout, teen pregnancy, as well as risky sex behaviors. When there is a strong and positive family bond, parental monitoring, peer involvement, and consistent rules of conduct will help to eliminate some of the factors for substance abuse. A lot of the times of there is a hectic home environment especially where there is a parent or someone else in the home abusing substances or might even suffer from a mental illness would lead to misuse of substance in a person. There are children with difficult temperaments and conduct disorders or the lack of parent-child nurturing, failure in performance at school, and just even poor social coping skills that fall prey to drug addiction. Drug add...

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