Drug Abuse

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Drug Abuse in the United States has gone down since the 1990’s but now that percentage is starting to increase. Nowadays children perceive drugs to be less harmful and are deciding to try hard drugs such as amphetamines, stimulants, and opiates. These drugs are extremely addictive, one try and you could be hooked on for life. This is dangerous, the earlier children start to try drugs the more prone they are to dealing with addiction as adults.
Drug abuse is a serious problem especially with America’s youth since marijuana and other drugs are very harmful to the developing brains of adolescents. Some of the most commonly abused drugs are Marijuana, Cocaine, Xanax, and Adderall. (Health and Life) Some of these drugs are more harmful while others aren’t as bad. “About 36.4% of students in the average high school class smoke marijuana regularly and 60% of high school seniors do not view regular marijuana use as harmful.” (National Institute on Drug Abuse) Though alcohol and cigarette abuse has gone down in the past couple of years new drugs have been found. 30 to 40% of all high school graduates have admitted to using a stimulation known as Adderall to help them study, Adderall is prescribed to children who have ADHD to help them concentrate, when people without ADHD use Adderall they become hyperactive. Many high school and college students take Adderall since it keeps you up all night and helps concentrate while studying for finals or a test. Though Adderall might help you pass a test it’s very addictive and those who take it often start to lose focus without it.
Drug abuse not only impacts the user but it can also impact the friends and families in their lives. People who abuse drugs may start stealing money, lying, and other bad t...

... middle of paper ...’s a likely chance that you’re going to get addicted. The key in prevention is to say no if friends are doing drugs try to convince them to stop. They might think it makes them look cool at the time, when in reality they may be already ruining their life without knowing it.

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