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Drowning, drowning is actually more interesting than what I’m used to seeing at Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County. Drowning can be defined as death caused by submersion in liquid. Also, meaning being underwater to long and unable to breathe, another one is to hold (a person or animal) underwater until death occurs. Last thing is to cover something living things completely with a liquid. Drowning could occur in water as shallow as six inches This could happen in a lake, ocean, a bathtub, in some cases in the death of an alcoholic stupor, meaning a person who is in a condition of greatly dulled or completely suspended of sense. Epileptics, meaning having seizures (Dimaio &Dimaio, 2001).
Raystown Lake is dear to my heart and my family. My family was displace for eminent domain when building the lake for flood control. Now my family has several boats located at Seven Points Marina. I have been working at Raystown Lake for now seven summers as a first mate on our tour boat the Princess, and other private houseboats. I’m also a security guard. As long as I have worked at the lake, I have witnessed many of dangers and drowning. But, one story hits me really close to home. I was working on a hot, sunny afternoon on August 18, 2012 and this grandfather drove into Seven Points Marina and was crying, and was trying to explain that he has received a phone call from the Army Corp of Engineers of Raystown Lake, that his grandson was jumping off the cliffs and he did not surface. He was looking how to get to a camp ground Susquehannock. At first it did not hit me who this man was and when I made a call to see where they could come get the grandfather, I took another look, and it was a grandfather of Clay Bishop, I just put the phone down an...

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...ow down. After death, the bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract spreads through the body, making it putrefaction. This process is accelerated in septic people, because we already have bacteria throughout the human body prior to death. The body that has been drowned the gasses will help surface the body (Huston & Froloff, 2013).

With all the research I see how horrific drowning really is. With this being said this is not an easy way out. Drowning is my biggest fear. It is said that a person who commits suicide by drowning is frequently depicted as a lonely, disturbed individual who, after contemplating what life has left and dealt with, throws them self’s off the bridge, or in the older days at Raystown Lake people would dive to the old cliffs and drive off them. One of the disappearing theories of Jimmy Hoffa is that he is at the bottom of Raystown Lake.

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