Drowning Decision At My Cousin 's House

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Drowning Decision

One day before Fourth of July, and it was going to be a fun day at my cousin 's house because we were going to spend it at the pool. We finally arrived to my family’s favorite vacation spot, my cousin 's house. His house was near San Francisco, in a place called fairfield. My family really liked going there, and I think that it was because my mom got to see her brother for at least two days.

We had arrived at my cousin’s house at 11: pm, and we were exhausted. He lived in a calm trailer park with a pool that was eight feet deep. I thought to myself, why can’t it be the next day so that we could go and stay in the pool. We saw that it had some trees in the way of the sun, so it always provided shade for us. The pool was where we would go every time we went to their house, and in a few hours I would be able to finally try and go to the six feet side.

A few hours later, we woke up for the Fourth of July, so we wanted to spend it at their house because of the pool. When the pool opened, we got ready and walked over to it. As soon as I starte...
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