Drop Dead Old Goat

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Drop Dead Old Goat “Hey Baby! God loves you and I love you too.” She greets you with a smile, accentuated with wrinkles, as she reaches out with her trembling hand and crackled voice; her thinning hair never blocked the view of the speaker. Fellow parishioners share concerns about her because of the snapping sounds heard from her knees as she kneels. Consider how meaningful it feels when greeted with a pleasant smile and when you have the full attention of someone when you are speaking and how refreshing it would be if someone aided you by reading the fine print on labels if you were unable to do so on your own. Someone once told me that showing compassion for others will not only have a positive effect on the community but will get your mind off yourself and your own burdens. But still, in the back of my mind, I hear a voice, “Die early and circum-vent the signs and conditions of the aging process.” As a child, and well into my teenage years, I feared growing older. I observed my parents struggling to meet the needs of our family. I would hide by the hallway heater and listen to them discuss how they were going to make it. I tried to do my part; I wore simple jeans and tops to reduce spending for school cloths. Little did I know that I was already developing a compassio-nate spirit and concern for others that would affected my life in many ways. Little did I know that despite my early fears, I would aspire to live my life to the fullest, believing that I am and will continue to learn from my life experiences well into old age. I would embark on a mature appreciation of companionship, nature, and spirituality. A positive attitude combined with holis-tic concepts would guide my actions and attitudes toward longevity. The daily... ... middle of paper ... ...purchase sports cars and get a better insurance rate. Think about it: In action movies where a bank robbery occurs who are the first to be set free? The older people, of course. And there is no shame in a senior discount, for the same meal at the finest restaurant the senior citizen will pay less than the average person. The fact remains that everyone born will eventually die. In my old goat days, I plan to exercise my right to graze peacefully in the fields of life. If it is through giving that we receive, we'll maintain that an early death would terminate a beautiful life cycle; it would deprive those that come after us from lending a hand as we kneel on snapping knees. The elders of today share their experiences, knowledge and wisdom with us to better our life’s journey and I will do the same for the generation that comes after me. For this reason, I must live.

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