Driving While on The Phone

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As technology advances, people become notorious for using their electronics in inappropriate situations. Teenagers in present day commonly text at the dinner table, while crossing a street, and even while driving. Not only do teenagers text, their parents do, as well. Texting is a frequent fad among the young adults, it also a convenient method for parents to keep in contact with their children. People nowadays have to be in contact with friends and family at every moment of the day especially while driving it is the equivalent of driving under the influence, using hand-held devices (like Bluetooth) will decrease the number of accidents caused by phones, and studies show texting reduces a persons reaction time. Recent studies demonstrate texting while driving is similar to having a 0.08 alcohol limit. Christine Noble is the city of Peoria Claims Coordinator and her job is to handle all the accidents claims against the City of Peoria. As part of her job, she investigates and determines the causes of auto accidents involving City vehicles. Ms. Noble can recollect at least six accidents this year that are caused by distracted drivers on their cell phones, while operating a vehicle. “The fact is that mobile phone use reduces reaction time by 35 percent, effectively making you a drunk driver, even when using a hands-free kit. And texting while driving is even worse with every second spent texting doubling your chances of crashing, dramatically reducing steering control and awareness of hazards.” (“Great Choice Car Insurance”) If being a drunk driver is illegal, why is not texting while operating a vehicle? In September 2008, 25 people, including the driver, died in a Los Angeles commuter rail disaster caused by t... ... middle of paper ... ...tate Highway Patrol Statistics. NBC News 3. Web. 2 Dec. 2010 "Mobile Phone Use Equal to Drunk Driving." Great Choice Car Insurance. Insure 247 Great Choice, 10/06/2010. Web. 2 Dec 2010. American Psychological Association. "Drivers Distracted More By Cell Phones Than By Passengers." ScienceDaily http://www.sciencedaily.com¬ 1 December 2008. “Editorial: Ban on texting will make roads safer” Sheyboygan Press. 30 November 2010. The White House, Presidential Proclamation—National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Office of the Press Secretary, 1 December 2010 Distracted Driving. Stats and Facts. United States Department of Transportation http://www.distraction.gov 3 December 2010 “Mobile Phone Use equivalent to Drunk Driving.” Royal Automobile Club of Rick Reitzel Queensland. 18 May 2010
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