Driving And Driving: The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

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The issue with driving today is that we all think we can do more then we’re capable. Texting while driving is dangerous to not only the driver but also other motorist on the road. First, we are safer driving intoxicated then sending a text message while driving. Second, even though some may think its a safe alternative hands free cellphones aren 't any safer then texting while driving. Lastly, many people believe texting while driving is just a quick convenient thing but in truth it encourages poor habits and is dangerous. First, we are safer driving intoxicated then sending a text message while driving. We tend to think we are good at multitasking but in reality texting while driving is worse then driving under the influence of alcohol.…show more content…
That is equivalent to downing four beers and then getting behind the wheel.”. Texting while driving is considered to be the highest form of distracted driving. In 2002 2,600 people died from distracted drivers and in 2011 3,331 this number has gone up by 22% in the last 9 years. In 2002 drunk driving accidents have killed 12,405 people but by 2011 that number has decreased by 25% to 9,296. This shows that texting while driving is on its way up and may continue to get worse. The National Highway & Transportation Administration (NHTSA) declares that 1.6 millions accents are caused by texting and driving every year, thats almost 25% of all automobile accidents (Masters).We already know that texting increases chance in an accident, well so does dialing by 2.8%. Also so does talking and listening at 1.3% and reaching for your cell phone at 1.4% (Texting). On November 28, 2010 Nina Todd was leaving her mother house with her two sons, when Karli Brown struck her car head on. In result of the accident Nina’s…show more content…
82% of Americans own cellphones and 52% of them have admitted to talking on there cell while driving. If you don 't think thats bad 34% say they have texted and drove. Plus 1 in 5 drivers say they have searched the web while driving. 77% of young adults say there very confident while texting an driving and 55% say its easy. This shows that were to comfortable with it, because we did it once and nothing bad has happened so we continue to do it (Texting). Its becoming a bad habit and needs to stop, there numerous ways to prevent using your phone why’ll driving. First you can give your phone to a passenger in the car, or they now have apps now they all you have to do is enable it and no one will be able to reach you until you turn it off. If you decide to keep your phone on and on you, have one someone in the car answer or look at the message for you. Also to completely get it out of your sight lock it in the glove box, truck or deep pocket so there’s no temptations of getting ahold of it (Coleman). If none of this helps and you still have the urge to go on your phone, pull over put the car in park and do what you have to do. Start thinking about any text or calls you need to make before you even start your car, that way you don 't feel the need to do it while driving. The simplest thing of all that you can do is to silence your

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