Drivers Encountered On The Open Road Driving Automatic Transmission

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In the present time most of the drivers encountered on the open road are driving automatic transmission. Many, if not most, go through their life without knowing how to drive manual transmission. The main reason being because of the necessity of using both feet and having to drive one handed. Learning how to drive both is a skill that will open a new world of opportunities. One never knows if there will ever be a situation that will require a person to know how to drive manual, also known as “stick shift”. Yes the vehicle can turn off on the driver preventing the car to advance, but all it takes is tremendous amount of patience. Once entering onto the driver 's seat of a stick shift car you will notice the difference immediately. The fact that the “PRNDL” lever is replaced by a stick like object with numbers and a letter “R” and the third pedal next to the brake will daunt a newbie. When attempting to drive stick shift one needs familiarize themselves with the stick, also known as the shifter, and the third pedal, the infamous clutch. This additional pedal enrages a newcomer because it is what causes the car to completely turn off. The shifter is what allows the car to change speed, essentially to allow the car to keep accelerating. These two differences from an automatic transmission car are vital when driving manual. Moreover, familiarizing yourself with the shifter is in my opinion the first step when beginning to drive manual. Knowing the order of the gears is important because you do not want to skip a gear. Doing so will ultimately result in the car to accelerate slowly. Another thing to keep in mind is the location of the reverse gear. Depending if the vehicle is a six speed or five speed, the reverse gear will b... ... middle of paper ... ...anual transmission. If one decides to go into truck driving it is a prerequisite knowing how to drive stick shift since for the most part all semi-trucks are manual. Overall, driving stick shift is not as hard of a skill to master as it seems. Having the ability to switch gears as the driver pleases is one of the many joys of manual transmission. It gives you more control over the vehicle and it makes you feel more connected with the car. Not only do you drive with more caution because you know that the car can turn off and roll forward or backwards, but you also open a door to multiple opportunities. Although it may take a while to achieve driving manual, it will be beneficial to eventually learn. Even with the dangers, it is a skill that one should master at some point in their lifetime because encountering a situation that requires driving stick shift could occur.

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