Drinking Coffee In Malaysia

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Drinking coffee has always been a strong culture in Malaysia.There was a survey that showed that Malaysian drinks 2.38 cup of coffee daily. Drinking coffee used to be an early morning routine, but now it is an all-day activity. As Malaysian’s drinking coffee habit is rising significantly, the coffee house business is also grown along with the drinking habit. Coffee house in Malaysia was started from a traditional chinese coffee house that called as kopitiam. As the west culture started to influence the market, they introduced Malaysia to a “cafe” concept. International coffee shops chains started to enter the Malaysia coffee shop market with the cafe concept applied. In fact, this concept seems to attract generation Y as the customer. Starbucks coffee is one of the most famous and successful international coffee shop chain in Malaysia. Starbucks was first opened in Seattle in the year of 1971. It grew very intensely and now it owns 16,635 stores all over the world, included 115 stores in Malaysia. Starbucks got in to the Malaysia market through the mode of licensing. Berjaya Corporation Berhad obtained the license to operate Starbucks Coffee. Just like another coffee shops, Starbucks Coffee sells coffee-based drinks, non-caffeine beverages, tea-based drinks, coffee-related souvenirs, equipments, and coffee beans. Starbucks coffee is now one of the most successful coffee shops among the competitors. Even there are lots of international coffee shop chains such as coffee bean and San Fransisco coffee, also other new independents local coffee shops with cafe concept, starbucks still able to manage the loyalty of their customer. But in the other hand, there have been some words of mouth that said that for a coffee shop tha...

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...y friendly. 5) Loyalty programs. They are recruiting their regular customer to join and own the member card as they will give them special promotions for the members. They create an image in the customer’s mind that the more they spend in Starbucks, the more benefits they will get in return. 6) Affordable experience. The customer get the chance to enjoy a cup of high-end beverage with a price that is worth the products. They maintain their product prices to be affordable since they are aware that price is one of the biggest factors of customer’s loyalty. 7) Relationship with the customer. They offer an informal-but-professional and personalized service to the customer. The baristas will the person who warmly greet the customer and make the customer feel welcomed. They can also be the one who clear customer’s confusion about the menu since they are the barista.