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The minimum drinking age law is twenty-one and has been implemented in the United States for forty years. During the seventies, some states lowered their drinking age which caused major drunk driving crashes and alcohol-related fatalities to be increased. This law aims to protect society’s younger generation and the drinking age of twenty-one is highly effective. Although this law would provide an overall safer environment, people still want to change the drinking-age law to eighteen. They think that once they turn eighteen and become adults, then they should be able to do anything they want. The current drinking age of twenty-one in the United States should not be lowered due to its effectiveness in protecting teenagers and young adults, creating an overall safer society. The consumption of alcoholic beverages at a young age can cause many issues in their present and future lives. Studies have shown that fifty percent teenagers who consume alcohol at the age of eighteen become more reliant on alcohol, while nine percent of teenagers who drink at the age of twenty-one are highly unlikely to become dependent on alcohol. These statistics clearly show a major difference and the drinking age should definitely stay at twenty-one. Federal agencies stated how “Research indicates that the human brain continues to develop into a person’s early twenties and that exposure of the developing brain to alcohol may have long-lasting effects on intellectual capabilities” (Hanson 1). This shows by drinking at an earlier age, there can be many consequences that affect your body (brain). This is a serious and dangerous matter, and this law should not allow students to damage their brains. In addition, Binge drinking before the age of twenty-on... ... middle of paper ... ...of problems (car accidents, fights, etc.). Bartenders and waitresses will also have the right to give out as much as alcohol they want and it is proven that they don’t care about the effects alcohol can have on their costumer. Therefore, teengers will be open to drink any kind of beverages causing a ruckus in society and not knowing how badly it can affect them. Clearly, the drinking age of twenty-one has created a safer environment for families to grow up in and healthy teenagers that can live their long lives without having any trouble. Drinking at a lower age, can cause major problems in adolescents brain that will later affect their future. Some think that they are ready to take this responsibility, but studies have shown that their emotions and lives can't handle it. Overall, lowering the drinking age would be very ineffective and be an unwise decision.

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