Dredful fight for freedom

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Dredful Fight For Freedom The Dred Scott Case was a dispute between Dred Scott, and his owner Sanford. Dred Scott was a slave who was brought into a free territory by his owner, from this Scott tried to sue for his freedom. The conflict led to a Supreme Court decision that said that any African-American, free or slave, could not be a citizen of the United States. Therefore, African-American’s had no right to sue in federal court. This meant that any previous attempt to end slavery was now invalid. The decision effectively ended the Missouri Compromise, creating a rivalry between the North and the South, leading the way for the Civil War. In today’s society, we have similar problems like the Dred Scott case. An example is the debate of same-sex marriage. Which is fighting for human equality. Dred Scott began his fight for freedom when he tried to sue Emerson, his owner who had brought him into a free state. Previously the Missouri courts had heard over ten other cases like Scotts and had claimed them all free. Unfortunately, Scott had failed to provide a witness to prove that he was Eliza Emerson’s slave resulting in the dismissal of his case. Scott was granted a second trial in which him and his family were claimed free. She didn’t want to lose the Scotts and appealed the case to the Supreme Court of Missouri. The case was delayed for a while and in the meantime, Emerson moved to Massachusetts’s leaving Scott in the possession of her brother, Sanford. In 1852, the case finally began and Scott was once again turned down. For a third time in 1853, Scott sued, but this time in a federal court. The jury sided with Sanford, and Scott was once again claimed still a slave. In a desperate and final act for freedom Scott appe... ... middle of paper ... ...and women. That is neither equal nor right. This relates to the Dred Scott case by the treatment of inequality. Dred Scott was looked upon differently because he was black. In gay marriages, people of the same-sex are being treated unequally because they are the same gender. Being black or liking someone of the same-sex is not a choice. It is something you are born as that you can’t change. Why should people be punished fort something they didn’t choose but were made as? The Dred Scott case played an important role for slavery. It helped bring people to the understanding that the plan was not actually to get rid of slavery, but to spread it. The Dred Scott case helped ignite the Civil War. It plays an important role in our history that changed the viewing on African-American people. It may forever be known as the worst decision made by the Supreme Court.

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