Dred Scott case

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On June 19th 1862 the US Congress prohibits slavery in the United States territories nullifying the Dred Scott Case. This was the most important day in US history for African Americans. This is because it helped blacks gain the rights they deserve. It also gave them rights they never thought they could achieve. This Court case of Scott vs. Sanford was a catalyst to riots, other court cases such as Brown vs. Board of Education, Rachel vs. Walker and many acts and amendments resulted from one mans wish to be free. Dred Scott was a slave to the Emerson family of Missouri. Emerson soon died in 1846 making Scott sue for his freedom. He soon lost the case in a state court, but shortly after he was introduced to a national court. Scott Soon after lost the case again but then was later considered free man. This case caused many good things to occur, and many things bad to occur. Some of these things include the strengthening of the Republican Party in opposition to the courts decision; and it increased the abolitionist to get rid of slavery which eventually leads to the civil war. There are also some negatives to the Dred Scott Case like how it eventually led to the Panic of 1857. As well caused fights like Bleeding Kansas. Even the system of checks and balances was hurt by the Dred Scott Case. This case played a major role in how African Americans live today and how they are accepted among people. Without the efforts of Dred Scott and the people who followed in his footsteps there would be no way African Americans can live with the freedom and rights they have today because of the Dred Scott Case. Scott in addition caused people to really understand what life was... ... middle of paper ... ...gislative branch, but also strengthened all the power of the republican party and there abolitionist ways. There was other things that have helped like the Rachel vs. Walker and James Tallmadge. These other cases and people have really helped Dred Scott gain his freedom and effect the world in so many ways that have effected the world so blacks no longer have to worry about being whipped, hit , or any racial discrimination without justice stepping in. Dred Scott was easily the most important person to ever live he has done so many great things. Dred Scott has become a major topic in all United States history, he will also go down as the best civil rights activist to ever live even though he did not realize at the time that he would become a major celebrity in history. Easily Dred Scott is known as the greatest person in history.