Dred Scott V. Sandford Case Study

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Dred Scott V. Sandford was a lawsuit filed in 1846 by Dred Scott, an African- American slave because he wanted to gain freedom not only for himself but for his family. This case became a landmark legal case in the United States history. Dred Scott was basically arguing that because his owner had taken him into a free state where African Americans were free. The United states Supreme court said that since he was a slave now he could not become free. Slaves were not considered as United States citizens and since he was a slave he could not sue in federal court. The decision started a lot anger in Americans and this pushed the country towards civil war. Dred Scott V. Sandford was a very unfair, racial court case. On March 6, 1875 people filled into the U.S. supreme court to decide Dred Scott’s outcome to be free. Dred Scott was suing his owner, John Sandford for his and his family’s freedom.Scott felt that he should be free because he was brought to the territory where having slaves were illegal. While a slave, Dred Scott fell in love with a slave of another army doctor known as Harriet Robinson and because they were wedded her ownership was transferred over to Emerson. ( The court of Justice decided that Scott and his family could not be free because they were slaves and African-American. Dred Scott, according to Court of Justice had no right to sue for freedom. Although, Benjamin Curtis and John Mclean attempted to help him by arguing that Blacks can be eligible for United States Citizenship, the court room would not have it. Slavery in America began in the british colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, more than 200 years before Dred Scott. The amount of Slaves started off ... ... middle of paper ... in St. Louis, calling him the ‘Simple Man Who Wanted to be free.’ He is also now in the Hall of Fame with his wife. ( Black History is an amazing part of our history, giving people the freedom that they always wanted for themselves. Dred Scott is one of the most amazing examples. Even if many of the slaves didn’t get their freedom, it still gave them hope for people of the future. I admire Scott and his actions, because if it weren’t for him and many other people, I probably wouldn’t have the freedom I have today. So I did my project on Dred Scott, as a little token of thanks towards him because he made an huge impact in the United States and for the people that happened to be slaves at the time and wanted freedom. Better yet, needed freedom. (
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