Dred Scott

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In this position paper I will explain the trials that Dred Scott had to go through in his life in his attempts for justice to be served. Dred Scott was born in 1799, and was an illiterate slave. His parents were slaves and so he was born the property of the Peter Blow family. In 1804 The United States took possesion of Missouri and after many debates on whether or not it would be a slavery state, a resolution known as the Missouri Compromise came along. This made a balance in the number of free and slave states, the problem was that Missouri was located right in the middle of what was the freedom and slavery. In 1830, the Blow family moved to St. Louis and then ran into some financial problems, which made them sell Dred Scott to Dr. John Emerson. Emerson was a military surgeon stationed just south of St. Louis in Jefferson Barracks. For twelve years Dred Scott had to go with Emerson to different posts in Illinois and the Wisconsin territory where slavery was prohibited due to the Missouri Compromise. Also during this time Dred Scott married a woman by the name of Harriet Robinson, who was also a slave, and they had two children. In 1842, Dr. Emerson and his wife Irene moved back to St. Louis and Dred Scott and his family had to follow. Just a year later John Emerson died, so Mrs. Emerson hired out the Scott family to work for other families in St. Louis. Then, on April 6, 18...

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