Dreams Of Order And A Bit Of Chaos

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Dreams of Order and a Bit of Chaos In Shakespeare’s Midnight Summer’s Dream, Shakespeare uses this play to commentate on issues he thought were pertinent to his time. Frankly, he uses romantic views on the relationship of love and reason that were hundreds of years in the making and yet still puts on a play that has been enjoyed since its premiere. He takes the highest and lowest people in society and melds their relationships together to show how complicated love can get, with a help from a bit of chaos. Through the constant conflicting characteristics and events throughout the play, mostly orchestrated by Puck, Shakespeare shows that a manageable amount of chaos is necessary for there to be order. When order in society is disrupted the imbalance in power can result in grim consequences if there is an absolute order. Like with the four lover’s imbalance in love, with two suitors loving the same person and with one that is left out, the consequences are dire. Specifically, Theseus said that “To live a barren sister all your life / Chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon” (1.1.74-75). Society’s solution to the love rectangle that is affecting these four people, the resolution is for one of the four to be removed entirely. Of course, this is the worst scenario possible, though it does highlight how coldly order can treat individuals. This could also be Shakespeare’s commentary on his society’s standards and its coldness to the individual. Who knows? Similarly, Titania recognized the discord that her dispute with Oberon has produced, seeing that “The seasons alter: hoary-headed frosts / fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose” (2.1.110-111). Titania, and probably Oberon too, see that trouble at the top of the food chain cau... ... middle of paper ... ...e goes back to his former love - What could happen without love o Those in power are able to flip people’s views with desire. Titania and Oberon unbalancing nature with their disputes o Puck is the literal embodiment of chaos, like heavenly fire o Give me your hands, if we be friends, And Robin shall restore amends.” o When Oberon and Titania are fighting, there can’t be peace outside of the realm. But when they are at peace, everyone else is at peace - Puck represents the dark side of the fairy realm. As the jester in a Shakespearean play, he shows off the dark side of the kingdom The plot twist element Shakespeare utilized is still used today Hey Mr. Merc, just wanted to let you know that this outline was a basis I went off of, but a lot of it got changed throughout my writing process. I just want to apologize if this outline seems a little misleading to you.
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