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Hopes and Dreams
Children can begin forming their own personal hopes and dreams at a very young age. Likewise, parents often begin shaping their own hopes and dreams for their children and set systems in place accordingly to help children achieve certain hopes and dreams. On September 12, I had the privilege of looking at several hopes and dreams that are held by parents at the Jordan Center. I had originally anticipated parents to have lifelong dreams, including aspects such as academic and financial success. However, when I reviewed the actual hopes and dreams, their responses demonstrated a considerable amount of practical, moral wishes for their children. The hopes and dreams that I reviewed were from five different children. All five children and their respective dreams contained three overarching facets: a desire for their children to succeed, a desire for their children to experience life to the fullest, and a desire for their children to pursue happiness throughout life.
All five of the hopes and dreams I reviewed were from different families, though all of the hopes and dreams contained a positive slant and outlook on life. The details of the hopes and dreams varied somewhat from child to child, yet the main focus of the dreams remained the same. All of the parents demonstrated a practical, genuine desire for their children to succeed. For example, a young girl named Elena wants to own a farm and become a doctor when she is older, and her parent responded in a way that demonstrated the genuine parental desire for success. Moreover, another parent who had a daughter named Sophie stated that she wished for her daughter to experience life to the fullest and follow her heart. Lastly, a little girl named Nylina had parents w...

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...parents and their responses showcased the importance of positive relationships to develop between the teacher and the children as well as their parents. As future educators, it is our responsibility to familiarize ourselves with the children under our supervision and meet their individual needs. If a child has special needs, the teacher should meet with the parents and discover the hopes and dreams they hold for their child and make the dreams a reality. The hopes and dreams of the parents are frequently shared by the child as well and we should help them pursue their goals, whether it is in the immediate future or precautionary steps for events that may occur years down the road. In order for children to pursue and achieve their hopes and dreams, a collaborative effort should be made by the teacher to create the best possible classroom environment for children.

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