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Dreams: Could They Be All They Are Made Out To Be?

³Over a seventy-year life span, you¹ll devote at least fifty thousand hours to dreaming² (Segell 42). These dreams can be made up of many things. They can be a window into another world or ³like a urgent fax from your subconscious² (Graves 97). Many things can affect what we dream about and they are not always our previous thoughts. Things such as gender, information gained during the course of time, or even sensations received while asleep all contribute to the content of dreams. Many times they contribute more than most people think.

Gender affects many things, including the way we dream. ³Men typically dream about fighting, protecting, or competing in an outside environment; women are more likely to dream about relationships and loss in an inside environment² (Segell 42). Most men have been brought up with the notion that they must have more of a tendency of being aggressive. In this aggression they either dream about how aggressive they are or about the lack of aggression in their daily routine. Women, on the other hand, have typically been brought up to be more emotional than men. This up bringing has also affected the way women dream. ³Women are more likely to dial into their interior life whether awake or asleep² (Segell 42). This means that women will read into their dreams more frequently then men. Researchers have found that problems that occur during the day either at work or home and are worked through in your sleep (Segell 42). While men would most likely look at these dreams as nothing but a dream, women will try to face these problems throughout the day. Although there are many differences there are also similarities between men and women in dreams. ³Like women, you have slightly more negative than positive dreams² (Segell 42). Which in this case would show one of those similarities. Other similarities would include sex dreams and the ongoing infatuation about their body and physical appearances. This also shows that although men and women are very different their mind works very similarly. This could be from being brought up or society constantly showing no hope in the life we live.

In the course of the night your mind will keep working or trying to figure out problems that crossed your path over time.

³Dreams perform emotional homework that helps us master life¹s lessons² (Graves 190).

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