Dreamgirls: A Feast for the Ears and Soul

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Dreamgirls: A Feast for the Ears and Soul
There are many great musicals that the world has ever seen in the past years. Some have often brought us to tears while some may have brought to us to a world far beyond our imagination’s reach. In a world where television and the internet have often given us too many options to choose from as a form of entertainment, the soul and level of perfection still brought about by the broad way musicals are still one of the best for some of us.
When talking about musicals, one may never miss the word “Dreamgirls,” for it is arguably one of the most highly-acclaimed and loved musical of many theater and musical fans. For many years, it has brought us fabulous productions and impeccable performances that will not just delight our ears but our souls as well. As the lights go out and the curtains go up, audience should be expecting goose bumps throughout the entire show.
Dreamgirls, a 1981 Broadway musical for almost any ages, has its lyrics written by Tom Eyen. The music was of Henry Krieger. It is an original broad way production that was directed and choreographed by the talented Michael Bennett and orchestrations by Harold Wheeler. The combination of the minds and artistry of these three is beyond any words to compare. The genius behind Dreamgirls is indeed beyond doubt, and it brought many highly entertaining moments for the audience to see. Though the story by itself has many intriguing characters and an interesting plot, the whole production still worked hard to make the stage and delivery of the show as spectacular as ever.
The highly popular Broadway hit unfolds a story of the journey of a female singing group during the 1960s. The story evolves upon the making of a singing group as the...

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The casts, the plot and the productions worked harmoniously in bringing Dreamgirls magical and touching at the same time. Behind the power-belter songs sang during the entire performance, leaving us trails of endless goose bumps as casts reached high notes so impeccably are deeper lessons on dreams, greed, love and acceptance. It was also touching the topic on race, having the majority of the casts composed of talented African-American artists.
Dreamgirls, overall, is a show composed of high-quality songs, award-winning plot, talented casts, powerful voices and genius minds behind the production. The costumes, lightings and embellishments on stage made it even more successful. More than the fabulous gowns and flashy number are high quality songs being sung by great singers. The whole show is not just entertaining, but highly educational and touching as well.
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