Dream Phones

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In today's society a social phenomenon that swiftly takes our society by storm is something "cool." How I see today's "in" thing, the rave for having a cell phone is the ultimate "cool" demand. It is most probably due to the "hip" new flip-tops or slim-style with cameras, but regardless what model it is and the reason for having one, people are carrying them. There was a time when it was considered that only the rich were those who can afford cell phones. It is probably still true, but there is another thought needed for the modern world. People today, rich and those even considered poor, have the latest cell phones. The use of cell phones is a wondrous device that improves my life in many areas, like education and entertainment. Nothing makes me crazier than my cell phone. In our world of being "on the go" and always rushing to do something, cell phones have become a necessity to me. I use them everywhere: in school, restaurants and malls. I no longer need to turn to pay phones to drop 2 pesos to call my friends and family when I am on the go. Since cell phones are much more flexible than a normal landline, I have so many different payment options and calling plans which I believe saves a lot of time and money. Cell phones become very popular because of the endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and features built inside that is so cool. My cell phone has become a part of my everyday life and I depend on it to carry out daily operations. I wake up to the music of my phone at about 6:00 a.m. every Monday to Friday to get ready for class. I would often open the internet from my phone to check the news every morning. When I want to hear my favorite music, I just turn to my cell phone's ringer and jam. I really like the f... ... middle of paper ... ... way into our lives. Who would have thought that a cell phone could be used just like a credit card? I have no more worries about losing a wallet full of cash. My cell phone has it all. It is like an electronic purse or wallet because of the new feature that GLOBE and SMART provide wherein you can just pay for items using your phone. If I need to call someone, I could. If I need to buy something, I just take out my phone and purchase the item with it. Cell phones serve good purposes. Without even realizing it, cell phones have worked its way into just about every aspect of my everyday life. From waking up in the morning to the food on the table and to the movie afterwards, cell phones have influenced the way I live and will continue to do for the foreseeable future. It is all there for me at a touch of a button. It is easier and it is the coolest thing around.
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