Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It: Frederick Douglass

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While overcoming the life that he was destined for, Fredrick Douglass didn’t start his journey off easily. A slave for life is how Fredrick thought of himself in the beginning. Doing things that were against the rules of being a slave-learning how to read and write- that helped Douglass understand his circumstances and how the world really works against his kind. Gaining more knowledge of what is really happening around him made it even more difficult for Douglass to have to the way he was. This belief in him of becoming something other than a slave made Douglass an extraordinary, optimistic, and sensational man to the public- mainly to the blacks and anti-slavery abolitionist. This autobiography helped people understand how blacks were treated and also the challenges he had to go through just to get out of that pit.
No mother, no “real” father, no aunts, no uncles and no grandmother; Douglass had no family to turn to for support or just to love. The loss of family made Douglass weak at times but helps him gain the strength that he needs just to escape this reality of him being a slave for the rest of his life. Since he has no family support he takes matters in his own hands now. He begins to talk to his poor white friends-this was when Douglass was known as being a “city slave” which somehow has more freedom than a field slave- that helped Douglass in his writing portion of getting an education. “This bread I used to bestow upon the hungry little urchins who, in return, would give me that more valuable bread of knowledge. Douglass would work his way into getting what he want- more like what he thought he needed- and even in the sneakiest way just to show that he doesn’t give up easily and wont take no for an answer. Douglass...

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...ive. “Besides the pain of separation, the dread and apprehension of a failure exceeded what I had experienced at my first attempt. This feeling was holding him back but knew that if he didn’t make this move he would be stuck as a slave for life.
Douglass was able to overcome his destiny of being a slave for life; believing that if a white man can achieve something great, why cant a slave. He showed the world how even a slave can talk intellectually and can comprehend everything they know. Even when Douglass felt his soul desolating his body he was able to keep just a little faith that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel for him to reach and that if he strive for what he though was right he to can become extraordinary and sensational; which is what he did. Believing you are just as equal as the person beside you, you will be able to live more freely.
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