Dramatic Importance of Act 3 Scene 5 in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Dramatic Importance of Act 3 Scene 5 in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

The main theme running throughout Romeo and Juliet is love. Though a

huge variety of other topics are intertwined with it they are all

there under the basis of love. The play conveys the various moral

issues which affects the lives of the two lovers, within the play we

can see widely contrasting attitudes and opinions towards the theme.

These contrasts in attitude are prevalent from the servants to the

heads of the family "clan", for whom love and marriage mean entirely

different things. In this essay, I will examine the various attitudes

to love, and other topics like family, marriage and hate all linked

with love. Focusing on Act 3 Scene 5, and comparing it and the themes

covered in it to the Nigerian play "The Lion and the Jewel", which

explores the differences between western views on love and marriage,

and the more traditional Nigerian views where a dowry "bride price" is

expected as it was in Romeo and Juliet. I will also be evaluating the

importance of Act 3, Scene 5 to the rest of the play.

The play Romeo and Juliet was written in about 1595. It is set in

Verona and has a few scenes in the nearby town of Mantua. The English

of the 16th century regarded medieval Italy as a terribly violent and

dangerous place. With constant duels, street fights and feuds between

opposing families, with only one man to impose law and order, the

Prince of Verona. It was famous not only for its violent crime and

lack of order, but for its illicit sexual affairs which is why it was

common for playwrights to set plays there.

It is thanks to Shakespeare that today th...

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... contrasts in opinion have a big impact on both characters, for a start

it makes Sidi speak her mind something she would have previously never

done before.

Ultimately the key differences in Romeo and in Juliet after Act 3

Scene5 are maturity, they both lose some of their most prevalent

characteristics. Juliet loses her dependence, much of her innocence

and all family ties, Romeo loses some of his impulsiveness and dreamy

view of things, turning slightly more realistic.

Within the language and characterisations Shakespeare uses he manages

to get a wide variety of opinions towards the theme spanning through

extremities, all this comes together to ultimately make the reader

sympathise with Romeo &Juliet, unlike the effect given in Broke's


The moral of the play is that love will always triumph over hate.
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