Dragling and the Eggs

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My boy hasn’t eaten anything since breakfast yesterday. I’ve been helping him out, filling up his plate, skipping dessert, and doing anything to try to stretch that gut of his. We’ve been doing boxing and pushups, just to get ready for this event. I’ve got a lot at stake ya know. Luke asked for some Epsom salts the night before, lucky for us we never stated it in the rules that he couldn’t have them. Others didn’t like it, but that’s their own fault! When we got up this morning, of course he didn’t eat. Gotta keep that stomach empty. We did some more boxing, and he did pushups, but before we knew it, the time had come. The cooking committee boiled the water outside to cook the eggs. The poker table was cleared off, and me, Koko, and Curly got to sit there with him. Koko was a surprise for those boys. Ha! He was with us all along! And we are going to get more money ‘cause of it. He did a real good job convincing all them that Luke couldn’t do it, but they’ll see! Then we made the announcement that we were planning on pealing the eggs for Luke. Man, you should have heard them howl! After they settled down, they realized that we were right, but we did say that we wouldn’t start pealing until the time started. Sitting at that table waiting for Luke seemed like an eternity. We heard him finally walk in, but showered first because of how sweaty he was from the exercise. All eyes were on him, but it’s like he didn’t even notice us watching. He was in the zone. When he finally walked over and asked if everyone was ready, I just couldn’t contain myself any longer. With pride I grabbed his arm and stood up to shout! Pounding my fist on my chest I screamed, “This here’s mah boy!” (107). The other boys made their last minute bets against... ... middle of paper ... ...that monster mouth of his. I showed that mouth to a group of my witnesses, and they all agreed. We WON! Luke’s head fell to the table and all those boys went crazy! Couldn’t believe what they just saw! Oh the pride I had in my boy! We did it. I grabbed up one of those eggs with Curly and Koko, and started chowing down. Just to rub it in a little more I gave one to Society Red when I said to him, “Here you are, Society. Number fifty-four. You might as well have this one. You sure did pay enough for it” (112). Never before had anyone done anything like that. We proved all those boys wrong, and they had to accept it. Nobody, except for us, could afford a poker game or snacks for a month. All they could afford to do was shake their heads and mumble his name, Cool Hand Luke. Works Cited Pearce, Donn. Cool Hand Luke. New York: Thunder's Mouth Press :, 19991965. Print.

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