Dr Syed Azhar Rizv Case Study

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Dr Syed Azhar Rizvi 's Fellowship with Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Before starting outpatient Psychiatric practices in Karachi, Pakistan and Kew Garden, New York, Dr Syed Azhar Rizvi attended a year long fellowship with Northwestern University through Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Associated with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, the institution is nationally ranked as a teaching hospital in the United States. This fellowship he completed in Chicago, Illinois, from the summer of 2002 to the summer of 2003, specialized in addiction medicine and psychiatry. During this valuable experience, Dr Rizvi was exposed to inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, drug and substance abuse rehabilitation programs, and detox
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Dr Syed Azhar Rizvi Explains the Differences Between Psychiatry and Psychology
According to Dr Syed Azhar Rizvi, the terms psychology and psychiatry are often mistaken for one another. While both medical specialties deal with mental health, and they do have some characteristics in common, they are quite different overall. A psychiatric professional and a psychologist are equally concerned with assisting patients dealing with a wide range of mental illnesses, and both persons are available for therapeutic discussions. This, however, is where their similarities end.
The educations attained by each type of professional are very different, in that a psychiatrist is an actual medical doctor. Psychologists can surely have a doctorate degree, likely in Psychology, but are not medical doctors. Consider a professor at a university to receives a PhD (doctorate of Philosophy) in Mathematics. Their title would then become “doctor”, but that does not mean they are able to actually practice medicine. The same rings true with psychologists. These professionals have studied for many years, even sometimes attaining their PhD, they also must complete some form of internship through a physicians office or hospital. Psychiatrists, on the other hand, have a far more extensive educational background. They not only must attend medical school, they will have to attend at least a year of internship and at least three years of medical