Dr. Seuss's Political Cartoons: A. Hitler Taxidermist

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Many people know of the famous illustrator and author of children 's books Theodor Geisel Seuss or better know as Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss is most famous for the children 's books he wrote and illustrated, but what most people don 't know about him is that he also drew political cartoons during world war II.while he was too old for the draft he wanted to contribute to the war effort. So for two years, 1941-1943, He was the chief cartoonist at the new york newspaper PM and drew over 400 cartoons. These cartoons were america propaganda and tried to get the american people to help with the war. Out of the numerous cartoons he made the one that this essay will discuss over is A. Hitler Taxidermist. It was created in june 25,1941 and gives a perspective…show more content…
Hitler Taxidermist is a political cartoon that portrays hitler as a taxidermist. During the time this cartoon was published the world was at war with the axis powers, mainly germany. By this time germany had conquered most of europe.Germany had 12 countries under its control. Hitler tried to attack england first because they were the last big threat on the western front but he ended up losing and having to retreat which cost germany valuable war resources. After the defeat in england hitler decided to turn his focus on what he really was after the whole time during the war, russia. Russia is in the sights of hitler because of its massive land mass it has and the resources that lie underneath. However the fight won 't be as easy as hitler thinks. The russians are well prepared and have been invaded countless times before in history. Hitler 's army reaches stalingrad and is closing in on russia capital moscow. Just as it seems hitler may be successful in taking russia the russians push back the germans and start going on the offensive, after this hitler is then soon…show more content…
These are virtually the only editorial cartoons outside the communist and black press that decried the military 's Jim Crow policies and Charles Lindbergh 's anti-Semitism. Dr. Seuss said that he 'had no great causes or interest in social issues until Hitler, ' and explained that 'PM was against people who pushed other people around. I liked that. ' More of a humanist than an ideologue, one of those Groucho rather than Karl Marxists, Dr. Seuss made these drawings with the fire of honest indignation and anger that fuels all real political art. If they have a flaw, it 's an absolutely endearing one: they 're funny."After the Pearl Harbor attack ended the isolation debate, Geisel 's illustrations focused more on morale building and promoting the sale of war bonds. Overall Geisel reserved most of his antagonism for Adolf Hitler, who appeared in 108 of Dr. Seuss 's World War II political

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