Dr Rank Character Analysis

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In the play A Doll’s House written by Henrik Ibsen, Dr. Rank is not one of the main characters in the play. Even though he does not partake in a big role in the play, some of his actions and words have a great effect on the characters and the play’s outcomes. Dr. Rank is somewhat ignored and is an undervalued character because of his reduced role and line numbers, but his very small actions do have direct impact on the play. His relationships with Nora and Torvald play a big part, because he helps to reveal their true characters. Dr. Rank is also used as a symbolic device, to help the reader look deeper into the plot. It may seem as though he is just a friend and admirer from afar, but his role has a deeper meaning. Dr. Rank’s role in the play is to reveal the true individuals in the play and he is important in helping the reader discover the true personalities of the main characters. Dr. Rank’s friendship and relationship with Torvald and Nora reveals Torvald’s hollowness and it also exposes the truth about Nora’s and Torvald’s marriage. Torvald’s hollowness is shown when Rank c...
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