Dr. Josef Mengele and His Medical Experiments in the Holocaust Concentration Camps

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Dr. Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911 to his parents Karl and Walburga Mengele. He was the eldest child of three boys. He studied at Munich for Philosophy and studied at Frankfurt University for Medicine. In 1935 he was dismissed from Frankfurt University due to discrepancies in his racial views. He became apart of the Nazi party in the year of 1937. One year later he decided to join the S.S. (Schutzstaffelor Protection Squad). He married Irene Schonbein in 1939 and had one son named Rolf. After five years of being together he divorced her and married his late brothers wife Martha Mengele.
After being injured in 1942 he was dismissed from the S.S. and decided to volunteer at a concentration camp. Instead of being sent to a concentration camp he was sent to a death camp, Auschwitz. There he was named the "Angel of Death". He was named this because he was the one to decide who lived and died when they were brought to the camp. The reason he is important to the Holocaust and World War Two is because he was a very twisted doctor, between the experiments and random death decisions he played a big part.
Although Dr. Mengele was twisted person the children only saw him as some what of a father figure, he would always smile at them and give them candy when they saw him.
He was responsible for many deaths in Auschwitz, especially in the deaths of children. During his medical experiments on the children many died, from either blood loss or exhaustion from so many experiments in a short period of time. He took interest in twin children, wanting to be able to figure out how twins are born. He wanted to increase the number of multiple births to Aryan women. One set of twins that was experimented on and lived through the experie...

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... the chambers and hit the men, women, and children, that were destined to die. The reason why they used Zyklon B gas was because it was cheaper than gas was at the time.
Many times after a few weeks of thorough examination trials, the twins would be killed by a chemical, Phenol, injected into their bloodstream; they would insert the needles at the same time so they would have the same time of death. After being killed by the injection their organs were dissected for further research. Although this mostly happened after death there were times where the organs were extracted before the patient was killed, this also happened with many other pieces of the human body.

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