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Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and Robert Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are both set in Victorian London, England. In them, Wilde and Stevenson address many ideas such as honesty, double-lives and duality. However, they approach the area in opposite ways; while Wilde uses comical innuendo and satire to make fun of many issues in Victorian society, Stevenson use death, dark and gothic methods to convey his point to the audience. Additionally, in both works the repressive nature of Victorian society is tested, as the characters cannot express themselves because of the fine line between respectability and inadequate at the time. The Victorian period brought the view that respectability and money was everything…show more content…
Hyde lead double lives to escape the restrictive expectations of respectability in Victorian society. Therefore, Wild and Stevenson explore the effects of repressive culture at the time, forcing very respectable characters to escape by lying and acting inappropriately in the eyes of Victorians. In the Importance of Being Earnest there is a change in setting from city life where he and Algernon do what they want, to the country where Jack has responsibilities and morality. On the other hand, Dr. Jekyll also has a change in setting, although not as obvious, when he changes to Mr. Hyde. Once that change occurs, in the eyes of the other characters, Mr. Hyde is a hideous creature that wanders the streets at night and is essentially homeless aside from using Dr. Jekyll’s house. Therefore, both characters move places, so they can express themselves. Moreover, the transformation also shows a change in names in Jack and Dr. Jekyll. Jack uses the name of Earnest and Algernon uses Bunbury, so they can do things they would not normally be expected to do. In addition, Dr. Jekyll not only change his name to Hyde, but also gets striped of the title of doctor. He goes from a very respectable scientist to unknown cripple that frightens Londoners. Yet, all the characters want to do is be freed from the everyday roles and…show more content…
Jekyll initially use their second characters to have fun and take the pressure off them, but later things start to become terribly wrong. The characters are forced into compulsively lying and change into their second personality. So, although initially used as a mental and physical break from the harsh onlookers of Victorian society, they become stuck in the cycle of which they cannot get out and things go from bad to far worse for the characters. Dr. Jekyll loses all control over his second personality and is forced to use his potion more and more often to change back into Jekyll, often like an obsession or addiction. Similarly, Jack and Algernon have to continue to lie because the women they are engaged to both think they are marrying a man named Earnest. This is especially a focus for Gwendolen, who has no intentions of marrying anyone other than a person called Earnest. As a result, the whole ordeal becomes problematic for Jack. Overall, the societal pressures that forced them to try to escape the reality they hate, once they are there, they are stuck in those roles, as the story depicts a struggle and inner conflict in the

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