Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Walker Morris

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In the novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the author, Robert Louis Stevenson, uses the characters in the book to talk about the two sides of the human nature. He says that everyone has two different sides; a good side and an evil side. Some people may accept the fact that they have both, but others try to convince themselves that they do not.
In this novel, the most obvious characters used to explain the two sides of human nature are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They are both the same person, but by mixing chemicals and drinking a solution, Dr. Jekyll splits his human nature in half by creating a man named Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is a man of pure evil which represents the bad side of his nature, and Dr. Jekyll is the good side of his nature. Dr. Jekyll would drink the solution and turn into Mr. Hyde just because he wanted to be free to do what he desires without having the guilt hang over him, so he changes to Hyde on impulse which releases his evil side.
Robert Louis Stevenson also uses Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to explain that our evil side is much more undeveloped than our good side because it is not used as much. This is why Mr. Hyde is smaller than Jekyll; it represents that his evil side was undeveloped, because he had rarely used it and because in his society if he was caught in the act of being bad, his whole reputation and life would be destroyed. This was the Victorian mindset, which simply means, that if a person heard about one bad thing we did then it would entirely change his or her opinion of us no matter how many good things we did leading up to that one bad thing.
Another thing that Stevenson says about the two sides of human nature, is that peoples’ evil side is stronger and more powerful than the good side because people ha...

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...od and evil. Dr. Lanyon represents the people who have the evil side of them, but do not even acknowledge or admit that they have ever wanted to do something evil because it was tempting. This is one more way of talking about the two sides of human nature and how different people deal with the two sides that are inside of them.
In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the author, Robert Louis Stevenson, talks about and explains the two sides of human nature, which are good and evil. He tells about how different people deal and handle our two sides, how we as humans have always been fascinated by the evil part of our nature, how the evil side of our nature, that if left unchecked, can overpower our good side and completely take over people, and also how undeveloped our evil side is compared to our good side. So, in this battle of good and evil in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, evil won.

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