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Greta Nagy Play Structure and Analysis 13 March 2014 The Short Life of Doctor Faustus The short story titled, Doctor Faustus, is exceedingly imperative. This holds to truth when glancing at the narratives morals, lessons, and admonition. As we learn about the condensed and inexplicable life of Doctor Faustus, it’s obvious that he has quite unfortunately ravished what might have been a pleasant life. Corruption, influence, and self assurance, all play as key forces into his approaching fate. I conclude the mentality of this plays priority and influence, shows that many people, both presently and in the past, have lost their contentedness, and are placed into an everlasting abyss, both literally (hell in Dr. Faustus’s case) and metaphorically, because of inferior intuition. Towards the dawn of the story, we are introduced to our protagonist, the intellectually gifted character of Doctor Faustus, who has a strong desire to be trained in magic. This man is brilliant, yet somehow he still lacks a certain unexplainable inner strength and insightfulness. As his desire to learn magic is fulfilled, he grudgingly summons up a devil, Mephistopheles, who is contemplating the tough decision of taking his soul to hell, or saving him from the everlasting terror. With little thinking, Faustus is triggered by his desire, influenced by his enemies, and corrupted with his new hobby, and sells his soul to the devil by making a foolish deal; hell, after 24 years of supernatural powers. Influence becomes the initial factor of consequence. Doctor Faustus is first affected by his two friends to wade through the concept of magic. He is then influenced by the evil angel, rather then the good angel, who urges him to advance in his study. Following the a... ... middle of paper ... ...n able to bout the inaccuracy he committed. Some things may never be taken back, but when given a chance a compromise can be contrived In Faustus’s case, he was told over and over again to repent and beg to god for mercy. Of course his desire got the the most of him, and he ignored his second guesses and fear. If somethings does not seem intact, follow what your intuition tells you. That is a key point this drama has proved true. In conclusion I think the story was full of knowledge, understanding, and astuteness which all are crucial factors of ones life. Without influence, corruption, and intuition, the human race would be very different. Everyone goes through their own right of passage, some sooner or later then others, where they must surpass and leave behind parts of their pasts, and enter what they want out of their life. In Faustus’s case, he failed the test.

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