Dowry Murders in India

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Dowry murders have become a major problem in India’s society today. The physical violence on a bride and financial strain and stress on the family of the bride is outrageous. Everyday Dowry death cases all over India are reported. Dowry murders were banned in 1961 but the ban was never enforced. The number of dowry deaths is still rising today because the law against dowry is not enforced. Dowry is still happening in most Indian families. In India people like to stick to traditions even if it is illegal. The tradition of dowry murders has been carried on for decades. In India’s society today, Indian women are becoming more independent and India’s older generation and men do not like the fact that women of India are gaining more rights and more freedom.
Dowry is a tradition that runs throughout all of Indian society. Dowry is a tradition that the groom and his relatives demand cash, jewelry and other luxuries from the bride’s family. Upon marriage, the daughter is given household appliances for dowry such as furniture, TV’s, refrigerators and even clothing, cash and jewelry. It was given to show love and affection from the bride’s family and to ensure a joyful and happy life after they are married. The rich viewed dowry as a status symbol, but for the poor it is a sense of honor. Some people would say dowry is a curse for Indian society and disrespect for women in this situation. This tradition is a burden on the bride’s family but the groom and his family get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The value of the dowry depends on the job the groom has at the time “ranging from 250,000 yen to 5 million yen or more in a country where a basic graduates salary starts from 6,250 yen” ( Women In India).When there is an arranged marria...

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...g women are coming out of sheltered existence…” (Escalating Violence). Slowly but surely women are branching out and becoming more powerful every day. Tradition is slowly fading away as the older generation dies out and the younger generation brings in the new.
The people of India like to stick to tradition even if that tradition is illegal and cruel to the women of India. In modern India it is common for young women to die from a dowry death. But Indian women are also becoming more independent today. They are going to college to further their education and moving around freely with men in and getting jobs like normal people. The older generation and some men in India’s society today do not like this. They do not like the fact that women are coming out of there sheltered lives and becoming more free to do as they please and carry on lives as normal people.
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