Downloading Music and Movies Harm the Artist

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Music and movie is manmade and not spontaneously created downloading them illegally, the artists will be discouraged and will not produce more music. The musician’s talent are abused since they are not paid for it. Producing a movie is expensive, artists spend time and money to produce a single movie or music, so watching or downloading it without paying money will destroy the artist career and it will not make the artist rich. Everybody should learn to pay for the entertainment that they get from watching a movie or listening to music. It is true that people may save money from illegal downloading, it also hurts a lot of other people like those who create the music. Because of illegal download, the artists not only lose their money but also the motivation. When you download a song or music with paying it is the same as you steal the money from the artists, because that’s the income for their hard work. Admittedly speaking, illegal downloading could expand market of music and movies, especially for those producers who are unfamiliar to most people. The illegal downloading music becomes a common phenomenon for many people who have experience on the Internet. Despite the legal and moral issues, majority of the people will accept how convenience the downloading music form the Internet will be. The digital music format has been available for a while for customers. Shawn Fanning, a young 18 years old student, created Napster in June 1999. Napster originated from two simple ideas, and achieved a straight goal: combining easily a file sharing program and a music search engine for seeking and distributing music on the Internet becoming easier. Although Napster lost the trial against the Recording Industry Association of America, the music... ... middle of paper ... ...cer should look for better way to earn money. In conclusion, despite the fact that downloading music seems breaking the law, it has benefits too many people in the society. Even if the justification of copyright is primarily to protect creators’ work, it is also essential to emphasize the consumer aspect. It is more convenient for users to download music without going outside to the store for buying the original product. Furthermore, downloading is definitely better for customers for economic reasons because it is completely less expensive than traditional way. Also, producers and artists will also gain if they use the synergy of downloading music. According to John Stuart Miller our primary concern should be what is good for the greatest number of people. Thus, if many people take advantage of downloading music, law-markers should rethink legacy of downloading.