Down with Downloading

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Down with Downloading

Throughout the whole time when you were able to gain access to free downloadable music, you have been able to by pass the purchasing of music, but has it been morally right? People always insist that download is great, but are you thinking of who you’re talking it from. The artists are the ones losing there money as well as positive recognition. Musicians should obviously get a cut as should small record stores who are obviously going to lose out when the big chains all get together on this ( Also, the factor that you have to pay for theses programs, you mine as well go to the store and but them yourself. Everyone likes to download, but sometime you can only get one song, what if you want the whole album. And lately there have been numerous viruses, and programs that have been affected from using these downloading sites. Bugs in software are common and most can be fixed with patches, but peer-to-peer technology can be riskier (

After, reading several studies on the downloading process, many artists have been affected in the past. Madonna, Elton John, Eminem, Brittany Spears, Nelly, India Arie, Ludacris and Sheryl Crow among them -- in an upcoming TV ad campaign to persuade young people to stop downloading music from the Internet (

They have clearly been hurt financially, even though they are financially stable. It is the honor system, and also the freedom of giving access to your music. A huge percentage of the artists make money through selling the CD’s and selling music memorabilia. If we were taking away from this, more and more people will take the free music ...

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... published for this agenda. If I had just a little bit more time, I believe that is paper could indeed be a little bit better, also if I did surveys and things of that nature I could find the real peoples perspective. Overall, this paper seemed to be not as stressful as the first because the first paper lacked information and quotes.

“Celebrity TV ads will fight music downloading" 9-27-02

“Bad News Keeps on Coming for Napster Users”

By Tim McDonald. Part of the News Factor Network.

June 29, 2001

“Celebrity TV ads will fight music downloading" 9-27-02

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