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Research Paper Down syndrome is a birth defect that happens before birth. Down syndrome is caused by a defect in genes, because of this defect in genes it causes an error in cell division, thus resulting in an extra copy of chromosome twenty-one. In the year of 1866 was when the first case of Down syndrome was diagnosed. At the time, many people were familiar with the characteristics that occur due to Down syndrome but It wasn 't until, English physician John Langdon Down, described Down syndrome as a disorder. Many people till this day misunderstand down syndrome, they are uneducated on who is affected by this disorder, the causes and effects, and lastly possible solutions for Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a physical and mental trait that…show more content…
Down syndrome is caused by a extra chromosome that is accumulated during birth. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development states, “In more than 90% of cases, the extra copy of chromosome 21 comes from the mother in the egg. In about 4% of the cases, the father provides the extra copy of chromosome 21 through the sperm. In the remaining cases, the error occurs after fertilization, as the embryo grows.” (What Causes down Syndrome) Children with Down syndrome grow with some degree of learning disability, which makes it challenging for them to live regular and normal lives like the rest of society. They also struggle in society due their physical characteristics as well. Kids Health explains in an article about Down syndrome that, “Many kids with Down syndrome all tend to share the same physical features such as flat facial profile, an upward slant to the eyes, small ears, and a large tongue.” (Down…show more content…
At the time families were convinced by members of the medical community, that the child was less than human and the needs of a child born with Down syndrome was so much that the families would not be able to raise them. These children were housed in large state institutions often in unpardonable conditions, often locked away from the rest of society. Resources, advice, and knowledge about Down syndrome was not available for parents back in the first half of the twentieth century. National Association for Down syndrome states that “In those days the standard procedure in hospitals was for physicians to advise parents to institutionalize their newborn infants with Down syndrome. Parents who did not follow this advice took their babies home without support or services.” (History of NADS) Parents like Kay and Marty McGee, who is the founder of The National Association for Down syndrome (History of NADS) in 1960 shortly after her daughter Tricia was born with Down syndrome, chose to ignore the advice of their pediatrician and took their baby Tricia home. Kay then began to reach out to parents and professionals who have handled children with Down syndrome, which is how NADS began. Due to Kay McGee society now knows how to deal with Down syndrome. Even though there is no cure for Down syndrome, many adults with Down syndrome are employed and live independently.

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