Down Syndrome : A Chromosomal Disorder

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Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that occurs when a baby is born with an extra chromosome in each of their cells. It is the most common of the chromosomal disorders. One in every 691 babies is born with DS (Down syndrome) and there are approximately over 400,000 people living with DS in the United States today. Although it is not genetic, it has been proven that mothers older than thirty-five are more likely to have a baby with Down syndrome. Individuals with Down syndrome have varied cognitive delays, meaning that they learn and develop slower than the average person, but they are still able to live normal lives. Many people with Down syndrome attend school, go to work, and are able to have normal relationships, such as marriage. John Langdon Down officially classified Down syndrome in 1866. Langdon Down grew up in Cornwall, England and worked in his family business until he entered medical school when he was eighteen. After obtaining his degree, he was appointed the medical superintendent of the Royal Earlswood Asylum for Idiots. He spent his time there perfecting his description of the “idiots” that lived in this Asylum. Because their physical appearance reminded him of people from Mongolia, he called the disorder “Mongolian idiocy”. When Langdon Down was studying these patients, he described them as being “humorous” and having “a considerable power of imitation” (Mark Leach). He also stated that, although “the speech [was] thick and indistinct”, they were “able to speak” (Mark Leach). Down syndrome wasn’t actually called Down syndrome until 1961 when a group of geneticists, eager to rename the disorder, looked back on his work and renamed Mongolian idiocy after John Langdon Down. Down syndrome is a chromosomal disord... ... middle of paper ... .... At the end of the day, people with Down syndrome may be different than your average, but they still can possess many unique gifts and talents. It is important to know that they experience feelings just like any normal individual. Not many people know much about Down syndrome, so rather than automatically judging someone that has DS, one should first be better informed of this disorder and try to get involved with people that have DS in different communities. During October, Down Syndrome Awareness month, there are many different activities that one can participate in to help spread awareness of DS. One example is the Buddy Walk presented by the National Down Syndrome Society. The Buddy Walk is a mile walk in different communities across the US that helps to raise money to support local and national affiliates and to promote the acceptance of people with DS.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that down syndrome is a disorder that delays the development of children. it is associated with weak muscle tone, short neck, flat facial profile, upward slant to eyes, and floppiness.
  • Explains that there is no real cure for down syndrome, but there are countless therapies that can benefit each patient’s specific needs.
  • Explains that down syndrome occurs when a baby is born with an extra chromosome in each of their cells.
  • Explains that due to the slow growth and developmental problems of people with down syndrome, they are more susceptible to certain medical problems.
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