Down Syndrome

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What most people don’t know about Down syndrome is that they can live normal lives and with much therapy and the right education people with the condition can live on their own, have a career, and get married. (Linda Crnic Institute for Down syndrome.) However, helping them is crucial to be able to do everyday things, such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of personal hygiene. With learning these life skills that most adults learn over time, they need more help and people to work with them. (KidsHealth) To truly help and understand someone with Down syndrome one has to have patience, compassion, and knowledge about the condition. Having this disorder does not hold them back from anything, they can do anything they put their mind too. Yet there are some things and programs to help them along the way, like physical therapy, speech therapy, and a more in depth education. Physical therapy is a more drastic help when the children are smaller. For them learning how to do things other small children do takes a little more time, For instance walking, learning how to play, and interacting with other children. (KidsHealth) It also helps them with normal activities like working on handwriting, dressing themselves and eating. Physical therapy has a huge benefit on the child because it helps so many different areas of his/ her life, like memory skills and learning how to be organized. (KidsHealth) There is no time limit for this process every child with Down syndrome is different and learns at there own pace. In a team of physical therapist there are several that could help a child like: pediatric rehabilitation, physical therapist, nurses, and special educators. They can also come to one’s house for some one on one time with the child.... ... middle of paper ... ...r, If the couple decides to have children the risk increases that their child would have the condition or a miscarriage. Parents raising their children with Down syndrome should know that their child will have a future and should keep that mind when teaching them things about how to live their life. People with Down syndrome have a full life ahead of them and with the correct therapy, education, and the parents raising them right they can do much more and can continue on with no limitations just like anyone else. Children learn how to play, interact with other children, go to school with other kids, and eventually graduate to have future. Adults learn how to live on their own, be independent, and maybe even marriage. So with nothing stopping them they can be successful and happy like many other people, because overall they can do anything they put their mind too.
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