Dowden's Theory Of Mythology

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Mythology was one of the first cultural fields to be examined by applied psychoanalysis. In some ways, mythology resembles psychoanalysis as both of them deal with interpreting metaphorical meanings and stories. Dowden statements about Freud and his theories denounces the usefulness of psychoanalysis. Dowden gives points about how psychoanalytic interpretation of myths can only work if there is a psyche to analyse. However, Dowden does not see the relatedness to myth. Freud pioneered some vital ideas that we still base our thinking on today (“Freud, Sigmund”, 2008). He developed the theory of mind and the idea that dreams are windows to the mind. Freud sought to explain concepts with references to mythology. Because of the resemblances, with…show more content…
He also viewed ideas and actions of humans as the expression of instincts (Approaches to Greek Myth, 1990, pg. 422). Freud suggests that people have strong desires that are taboo and society prevents them from expressing. Therefore, myths are the psyche’s symbolic renderings of its own workings and can be translated by the analyst. He introduces his “Unconscious Mind” theory, which is better known as Id, Ego and Superego. This theory explains that people’s unconscious desires take control over their actions. The Id is the instinctive component of personality, it responds directly and immediately to instincts. The Ego is the realistic principle; it is concerned about devising a realistic way to obtain pleasure. The Superego helps control Id’s impulses and consists of the conscience and the ideal self. According to Freud, children are born with only Id, which made them act only on impulse. He ties this in with dreams and states that people’s dreams are outlets for our repressed desires. Many of these interpretations can be supported with evidence from the poems, such as Oedipus. Freud’s psychoanalysis focuses on the story as a whole, thus Freud is actually analysing the person who wrote the myth and society’s behaviour during that
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