Doubt Vs Doubt

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Doubt Doubt; a word not many people seem to fully grasp. Many see it as hesitations equal; thinking about a choice carefully before making a decision. However, doubt digs deeper than that, whereas hesitation puts the question of, “should I do this,” in the head, doubt puts the question of, “can I do this,” in the head, a much more vile and crippling question. Doubt is more sinister and dark than other words that bear negative connotations for many reasons, one of which being that doubt does not gather attention or praise. Doubt much prefers to sit on the sidelines inconspicuously, letting hate and disgust take the spotlight while he stealthily pulls the strings of…what exactly? Doubt’s motives are not fully understood by many. Doubt is not…show more content…
We know that inactivity is doubt’s best friend, so on the flip side, activity should induce confidence to the subject. If only it was as simple as it seemed. Breaking away from doubt is similar to getting rid of an addiction, it takes a will to change oneself and conviction to stay away from the source of the addiction, which is extremely difficult due to the craving and needing of the source. The feature that makes doubt so much more dangerous than other addictions is that doubt assaults the attributes that are needed to break an addiction. It razes the support beams that hold up the willpower to change and corrodes the conviction one has to improve their life. Doubt breaks the cycle of changing oneself for the better by destroying the most critical parts. The cycle becomes a broken record -- no, not even that -- doubt stops the cycle of self-improvement from ever even beginning. And from there, every, “I can’t,” and, “I’m not good enough,” is a step closer to doubt’s hellish realm, and once entered, the chances of escaping are infinitesimally small. The only way to stay free of doubt is by never letting take control, which is harder than it

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