Doublemajoring in Literature

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Doublemajoring in Literature I came to Loras College intending to major in Biochemistry and only Biochemistry. I was prepared to be very serious in my studies, focused on facts, and determined to work as hard as possible to succeed, but I realized in my first semester Critical Writing: Poetry course the importance of feeling and expression in my life. I poured over chemistry and biology books, studying, rewriting, memorizing, and reveling in science; but I can remember the release and the emotional experience poetry was able to provide for me. I recall telling Dr. Bauerly that I decided to double major in Biochemistry and English Literature because I wanted to read without feeling guilty for neglecting my other homework. English Literature studies have allowed me to bring feeling and emotion to the side of me that I sometimes recognize as a skeptical and cold scientist. I always felt that I have been slightly different from other students majoring in English Literature. I never really considered myself to be creative, artistic, or insightful. I can remember my first few English Literature courses, in which I questioned whether I would really have anything of significance to add to group discussions. One of my strengths, however, as a major in English Literature has been my ability to be open and interested in new things. I try to be open and learn new ideas, styles of writing, various opinions, and critical strategies. I love hearing other people’s opinions about symbolism and theme, and I think it is interesting to consider why they see the image in such a manner. Color and Eveline and I represent my strengths as an open minded and curious person. I was skeptical about imitating an author’s style and about the significa... ... middle of paper ... it was an essay that I did not think I could do, but I feel I succeeded in writing it in Toomer’s style as well as developing some of my own. I learned that I should still try to accomplish overwhelming goals, even if I doubt my abilities. Studying English Literature has been a joy and a release for me. I have learned a great deal not only about other races, cultures, ages, and people in general; but also I have learned so much about myself. Literature allowed my mind and heart time to practice working together to form decisions and opinions. This aspect, listening and learning with both my heart and mind, is one skill I feel I can bring with me anywhere. This skill would make me a better doctor, a better mother, and a better person. Therefore, never have I regretted double majoring in Biochemistry and English Literature, and I doubt sincerely if I ever will.

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